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Laugh A While


A company installed a new security system. Now all the doors are alarmed.

We don’t know which is worse – having more problems than solutions or more solutions than problems.

We learn from our mistakes – and never lack for study material.

You can tell when something is an office secret: it’s whispered from person to person.

Anyone who wants a rush job really badly will more than likely get it that way.

It seems we have a few tasks around here so simple some people can perform them in their sleep.

Some days it seems we have nothing but bad breaks and coffee breaks.

We react to a crisis with the utmost decorum. The shouting and screaming are only coincidental.

Someone in administration put up a sign reading “Think!” and would like to know who added: “Or Thwim!”

We hope we have put up an adequate number of exit and directional signs so no one will have any trouble getting lost.

The boss frowns on anyone yelling: “Hey Weirdo!” He says too many people look up from their work.

When things go wrong, there’s usually plenty of blame to go around – no need for one person to hog it all.

It’s always a race to get everything sorted out before everyone gets out of sorts.

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