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Connect Build And Heal: A Support Group For Women Without Husbands And Partners

Usha Vakil

Connect Build and Heal: A support group for women without husbands and partners

By Usha Vakil

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A woman who lost her husband recently was  heartbroken and alone. The loss felt like a storm had descended upon her life shattering hope and serenity. She was lost, afraid of how to navigate day-to-day living, social isolation, loneliness, domestic tasks, and financial challenges. She finally decided to reach out to an acquaintance who was in a comparable situation many years back and she got encouragement, emotional support, and connections to build her confidence. Today she is on the road to dealing with all the activities that she found daunting only a few months back, she is on the path to discovering new friends and interests.

Her progress gave us encouragement to bring a group of single women together once every month to discuss the loss of or separation from a life partner. In this group they could share their emotions, challenges, and experiences, in a safe and empathetic space. They could meet in person or on Zoom to offer one another emotional support, practical advice, and a sense of community during a difficult phase in their lives. The group ‘Connect  Build and Heal’ (CBH) could engage in mutual discussions and activities and attend events together to foster a sense of camaraderie. Our main goal would be to help each other navigate the unique challenges of being alone,  while finding strength and solace in a shared journey.

The group will encourage members to express feelings, fears, and frustrations and create a non-judgmental environment where each member can express feelings and receive empathy from others. The sharing of the experience helps members realize they are not alone in their struggles and learn coping strategies from each other. The group will discuss self-care techniques and strategies for healing and moving forward.

All group discussions are confidential, and the meetings are a safe space where members feel comfortable sharing their experiences and emotions. If someone does not wish to share or talk but just listen, they are also welcome. It is a step towards knitting and binding women together.

We welcome women to join us. If you would like to join or have questions, please contact Usha Vakil, email address Ushavakil@gmail.com. Group meetings are held on the second Friday from 7-8PM of every month either via zoom or in person. We welcome women to lead discussion and identify subject matter for the upcoming meetings. Just remember we are strong empowered women who need to find our strength through mutual support, compassion, and sometimes a helping hand.


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