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My Salutations To Lord Ganesh


My Salutations to Lord Ganesh

O’ Elephant face one
O’ Gan Ganapati ye
O’ Lord of energies in the universe
O’ governor of all the entities
My salutations to you
You are like the kalpaga tree
For those who believe in you

On the Chaturti of Shukla Paksha 
In the month of Bhadrapada
I eagerly come to you
With folded hands and
Request you by bowing my head
To come to each and every home 
O’ ocean of mercy to bless us

For all the day to day tasks
And the great achievements
In the seven worlds
You are the reason
Your golden rays of love
More than enough for us  
To make our lives pure

O’ darling and adorable son of  
Parvathi and Parameshwara
We do not find any other God
Who looks after us like you
I wish to be a lotus flower
Serving your feet with love as
My only practice of Dharma 


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