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K V Narayanaswamy Memorial Concert

V. Narayanaswamy

K V Narayanaswamy memorial concert


Vid. Pattabhirama Pandit - Vocal
Vid. Yash Ravish -Violin
Vid. Tarun Bangalore - Mridangam
Vid. Giridhar Udupa - Ghatam

In honor and memory of Sri. KV Narayanaswamy, doyen of Carnatic music, a memorial concert was hosted by Guru. Smt. Tara Bangalore , Director of Anubhava School of music in MA. This concert, led by Sri. Pattabhirama Pandit with able accompanying artists was held at Framingham, MA on the evening of August 4th, 2023. I was very fortunate to have attended, listened and enjoyed the entire program with rapt attention and total involvement. 

The grand performance started with the celebrated varanam Ninnukori in Mohanam. The singer and his team were full of confidence and creativity, in elaborating the swift phrases with fast brigas and articulations. The start was very majestic with crowd-pulling phrases and sweet manodharma. 

Following the on-spot success of the start, came the mighty Dikshithar’s Sree Ragam keerthanam - Sri Varalakshmi. Oh! What could I say -  one has to have heard it, to believe it. It is simply a treat to the virtuosity of the manodharma of the Pandit. (He is truly a real Pandit in every sense of the term.) His elaboration of the Raga alapana, followed by his fluent rendition of the mighty keerthanam with fast and pointed swarasthanas, all make it a gifted piece to be heard to believe it. All the three accompanists did support it very well.

The third song - Paramathmudu the magical and soft-pedaling slow Padanthara in Raga Vagadeeshwari was very well done. Fourth was a heavy one, the great Varali (Sheshaachala Nayakam), a strong Dikshithar keerthanam. Oh my God, what have I to say! I was simply mesmerized by Pandit’s diction, delivery, and decorum. Such Dhikshitar keerthanams are to be sung by a Lakshana Vidwan like Pandit. He was elaborate with erudition. The alapana was simply so sweet to the core. 

The next piece (Manavyaala) in Nalinakanthi was to be heard to be believed. I could not control my enthusiasm. The articulate swifts and curls in the swaraprasthaas were captivating and engaging.

Finally, came the challenging Kapi Raga (Inthasowkhya) of Sri. 

Thyagaraja. The Alaapanaa was very elaborate, with deep phrases and swift turns (both up and down) in paramasowkki-pataantharam. It was both elaborate and bold.

The Thani Avarthanam by the young mridangam player Tarun, with the able and equally enjoyable support in ghatam by Sri. Giridhar Udupa was extremely sweet and pleasing. Happy to note that Sri. Tarun has a great future ahead of him. His playing was bold, beautiful and full of rhythmic chappus! The excellent and brilliant (give and take) by Udupa was highly appreciated. Udupa’s skill stood out throughout the concert.

The Violinist, young Yash’s fingers did a wonderful job throughout the entire concert. I wish all success in his music career. 

Altogether, the whole performance was delightful, sweet and of a very high standard, worth to be remembered. I wish the coveted team all success, glory and fame in the days to come. 

( V. Narayanaswamy is a Retd. Principal, Thyagaraja Arts College, Madurai and a rasika of a Carnatic music)


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