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Rep. Thanedar Celebrates Indian Independence As A National Day Of Celebration Of World’s Two Largest Democracies

Kumu Gupta

Rep. Thanedar Celebrates Indian Independence as A National Day of Celebration of World’s Two Largest Democracies

On the 77th anniversary of India's independence, Congressman Shri Thanedar led a bipartisan resolution to designate August 15 as a "National Day of Celebration of the World's Two Largest Democracies." —alongside Reps. Buddy Carter and Brad Sherman who co-sponsored this resolution, emphasizing the United States and India's unity and shared ideals.

As the celebrations for India's Independence Day begin, Congressman Thanedar's resolution, co-sponsored by his respected colleagues, serves as a tribute to the profound democratic ideals that both countries cherish. The resolution honors the people of India, who united in their self-determination, paving the way to a brighter future. 

Congressman Thanedar states, "This year has demonstrated that the US-India relationship is stronger and more expensive than ever." We honor the unique link that unites our nations as we commemorate India's 77th Independence Day. As the world's oldest and largest democracies, we are committed to an open, stable, and resilient world. 

On this historic day, Congressman Shri Thanedar extended best wishes to the people of India on behalf of the American people. He reaffirmed the shared commitment to solving global challenges jointly, highlighting both nations' commitment to peace and prosperity.


 * Submitted by Miss Kumu Gupta. Miss Gupta is in talks with Congressman Thanedar's office on resurrecting a bill originally introduced by Congresswoman Caroline Maloney to award Mahatma Gandhi a Congressional Gold Medal posthumously, as Congresswoman Maloney is no longer in Congress and also to introduce a bill by which any US Citizen, naturalized or born in US can run for office of President of United States, given all Americans pay taxes and as witnessed in many instances allegiance to US is questioned by people born here like with the Boston Marathon bombings.

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