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Bollywood Baatein

Compiled by Anoop Kumar

Tamannaah Bhatia joins Nikkhil Advani's next directorial venture Vedaa. A high-octane action-drama, Vedaa recently commenced its shoot in Rajasthan. Eyeing a theatrical window in 2024, the movie is said to feature never-before seen sequences, in Advani’s characteristic story-telling craft. The film stars John Abraham & Sharvari Wagh. And now, they welcome a special addition to the cast, Tamannaah Bhatia, in a crucial role, outlining an important arc of the movie.
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Varun Dhawan and Janhvi Kapoor are preparing for the release of Nitesh Tiwari's forthcoming flick ‘Bawaal’. The film's trailer was unveiled a few days ago during an event in Dubai. Varun and Janhvi then returned to the bay and were spotted at the Mumbai airport. Keeping up with their social media banter and paparazzi videos, it is clear that Varun and Janhvi have a strong friendship. However, there is some intriguing news regarding the chemistry of these two. During the first month of filming, the actor did not speak to Janhvi Kapoor.Varun Dhawan said that he didn't speak to Janhvi Kapoor throughout the first month of filming for 'Bawaal'. Varun Dhawan revealed in an interview with Galatta Plus that he attempted this thing where he wouldn't talk much with Janhvi Kapoor since he thought they would become friends fast. “Because I felt we'll become friends like this (snaps). I said let me not and let me be a little aloof, a little cold. I'll talk to everyone else but her, and purposely. I felt it might evoke something in her and something in me when we were doing scenes of that nature,” said Varun, adding that the director Nitesh Tiwari was also aware of it. Varun subsequently added that this activity was quite beneficial throughout the shooting since both of their characters in the film too, progressively come to know each other. He eventually revealed the reason for his aloofness to Janhvi, which is when she realised it as well, according to Varun. “And then eventually, I told her after 20 days. Then she realized it, otherwise, she took it personally. See, I did it selfishly but I think it helped both of us at that time. Actually, in the film, how gradually the couple got to know each other, we also got to know each other gradually, which was interesting.”
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The Delhi High Court has denied a stay of the streaming of a film based on the life of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput. In June 2021, the film 'Nyay: The Justice' was released on an OTT platform. The court denied Sushant's father's request for an interlocutory injunction in his action against the filmmakers. The court ruled that a ban could not be requested at this time since the film had already been released on one platform and was likely watched by thousands of people. Justice C Hari Shankar dismissed the plea of Sushant’s father saying, “To fasten a legal right, on something as fleeting as a celebrity, appears to be an oxymoron”. He added, “Law cannot allow itself to be a vehicle to promote celebrity culture.It does not appear permissible, in our constitutional scheme which guarantees equality to individuals and in which equality is a cherished preambular goal, to countenance an extra bundle of rights which would be available for enjoyment only to celebrities,” the court said. 
Courtesy: Mid-Day.com

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