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75th Birthday Gift Brings Dramatic Change In Kadamtola, Odisha

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75th Birthday Gift Brings Dramatic Change in Kadamtola, Odisha

Saroj Dhawan went through the painful partition experience and moved to India from Pakistan. Her family left behind everything they owned. With the education they had received, they were able to find jobs and start a new life. That is when she realized the important truth - People can take away everything but no one can take away your education . This was a message she constantly shared with her children. To honor this teaching, her children decided to sponsor an Ekal school in the village Kadamtola, Sundargarh district in Odisha as a birthday gift for her 75th birthday.

Ekal School Kadamtola, Odisha

Five years later, on her 80th birthday her son, Dr. Rakesh Kapoor from New England, sent a videographer to the village to see the impact of Ekal's work in that Odisha. The changes they saw was extremely impressive. This video tells you the touching story of Saroj Madan and the impact of the gift of the Ekal school in the village.


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