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Poem: Mother's Love


Mother’s Love


There is no love like a Mother’s

A mother loves right from the start

A Mother’s love is endless

A Mother’s love lives on

Through many generations

A Mother’s love like a sunshine

That lights up our day


Her heart is filled with care

Her arms are always open

When we needed a hug

Her heart understands

When we needed a friend

Her gentle eyes are stern

When we needed a lesson


Her words and preaching

Guide us all the time

Her teachings taught us

The right from the wrong

And gave us wings to fly

Her love was like moonlight

Turning harsh things to beautiful


A Mother is special

She will give us a helping hand

A Mother is more than a friend

Whenever we needed her

She gives us comfort and peace

She wipes our teas

Encourages us to follow a dream


We are so lucky

To have a mother so dear

We all the time appreciate

All the things that she does

We love her so much and

Respect her much more on the

Happy Moyher’s Day




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