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Press Release

The weekend of May 20-21 is full of activities including Hindu Heritage Day, Natya Darpan, UIANE Wellness Day, IARI Immigration Q&A, Akshaya Patra Gala, SAPNE Poetry, Vaisakhi Jor Mela, Kalyanapuram Aravind and team, and Jashn Dance Festival.

Natya Darpan                  5/20 10:00 am

IARI Immigration Q&A  5/20 11:00 am

UIANE Wellness Day      5/20 12:00 pm

Hindu Heritage Day        5/20 3:00 pm

Vaisakhi Jor Mela            5/21 10:30 am

SAPNE Poetry                  5/21 2:00 pm

Jashn Dance Festival        5/21 4:00 pm

Vid Kalyanapuram Aravind  5/21 4:00 pm

Akshaya Patra Gala          5/21 6:00 pm

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