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Donate Your Used Cell Phone

Press Release

Inspired by an idea from Jane Doe Inc. the Massachusetts Coalition Against Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence, Kumu Gupta, approached Saheli, the premier South Asian Women’s group serving Boston, and proposed the "Donate A Cell Phone " project. During the National Domestic Violence Awareness month, Kumu contacted the Wireless Foundation in Washington, D.C. She was able to put Saheli on a waiting list to get 10 free cell phones with 30 minutes of free prepaid time. The national DONATE A PHONE® CALL TO PROTECT® campaign collects wireless phones to benefit victims of domestic violence. In the hands of a victim, cell phones are a lifeline enabling them to call for assistance when faced with an emergency situation, and contact friends and family while maintaining privacy and security. There are 100's of volunteer organizations across the US that are on waiting lists to receive free phones. The phones are tax deductible. The good news is that last month, 10 cell phones were shipped to Saheli and will be given to women in the community.

Please donate your used cell phone and its charger to Saheli and support the fight against Domestic Violence. These phones will be refurbished and distributed to women.

Kumu is member of Saheli and was the lead singer of the American National Anthem at a Giants baseball game! Saheli was founded in 1996 as an affiliate of India Association of Greater Boston (IAGB). Saheli is dedicated to helping South Asian Women in the Greater Boston area and provides a wide array of support services, resources and guidance in areas of career and health, as well as cultural and family growth. Saheli also offers volunteer opportunities to men and women who wish to serve the community. Saheli is guided by a board of Core Members, an Advisory Board and a group of active members. See their website www.saheliboston.org.

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