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Every desi metropolitan knows of an Indian that has taken the golden ticket to the West. In India, it is not uncommon to watch your relatives leave the country and settle abroad all in the hopes of making it big. Well, according to the data, apparently many desis conquer the American dream and end up not only becoming rich but also raising their kids in such a way that they end up successful.

How do these Indian immigrants do it? Is it the culture, the values, the ethics, or their unwavering discipline?

YouTuber Patrick Bet-David, an Iranian refugee who fled to the States when he was 12, analysed the Indian wave in America in one of his latest videos. He pointed out how Indian immigrants in America have the highest median household income among all ethnicities in the United States.

David was curious about how these immigrants ended up living the American dream better than the people of the country. From cultural values to educational priorities, he explores the unique characteristics of these families that set them apart from other communities.

The Youtuber pulled out a 2018 census chart that looked at the Bureau data on the median household income of different ethnic groups in the USA. In the chart, it was apparent that the Indians left all other communities behind, especially a wide gap between white-American income and Indian-American income.

The Indians were at the top of the list with about $120K in income and white Americans at last with almost half of the Indian immigrant income. In another census, it was noted that only 6% of Indians in the US live in poverty while white Americans stand at a high value of 13%.

The difference between these immigrants and others? Almost 80% have a bachelor’s degree, given that education is given precedence in Indian society. Even among the numerous disciplines to choose from, Indians are told to “abide” by STEM courses, said David.

This stat shows up on the scale when we look at Indian-American entrepreneurs and where they stand in American economics. According to Oxford Academic, Indian immigrants constitute only 1% of the American population but 8% of the founders of high-tech companies and one-third of the technology startups in Silicon Valley.

While the stats speak for themselves, they are not the end of the Indian immigrant excellence. The parents from a young age try to inculcate values of their homeland into their kids that are bound to be influenced by the culture in the West.

They promote kinship, teach them to be self-sacrificing, trustworthy and friendly to everyone around, spend quality time, and nurture their kids and their talents.

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