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Ode to Spring

Amrita Saigal

Flowers popping out of the ground
Leaves growing back onto the bare trees
Spring is like a brush swooshing on a piece of paper
The weather is the temperature of the water on a hot summer day
Wet dew on the lush green grass
No more shoveling the heavy white snow
The soft sounds of birds chirping is sweet music
Walking in the soothing breeze is very relaxing
Big, bright, butterflies you start to see
They come out of their cocoons in joy, with their lush colors
And rest on the swaying branches of the tree
Squirrels scurrying up the tall trees with their tiny feet
And the sight of baby birds hatching out of their little eggs
The bikes and skates come out of the old wooden shed
All the parks are filled with kids and life
Soccer and baseball season begin early and bright
Sweaters are put away and shorts are taken out
Spring is when the time changes
Bringing more light into our days
The first day is the best
For it is the day of my birthday
Smell the air so pleasant and nice
Spring is coming, spring is here

(Amrita Saigal is an eighth grader at the Marshall Simonds Middle School in Burlington, MA. )

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