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Music - Shanti Song - One Manís Ode To Peace

Chitra Parayath

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People react in different ways to trauma. Some become irritable or depressed, others lose sleep or have nightmares, others deny their feelings or simply "blank out" the troubling event.
Some folks realize that by remembering the event, the painful feelings will decrease over time, and one will come to understand that, in learning to cope with tragedy, one becomes stronger, more adaptable, and more self-reliant.
Malay Kundu, reeling from the shock over the events of September 11, 2001, resorted to a creative method to overcome his grief. He went about composing a song which he, very simply, called the Shanti Song or the Peace Song. A song that reflects the integrity inherent in human beings everywhere.

Malayís own words say ďIn the days following September 11th, 2001, having been married for just over a year, my mind brooded on the dreadful thought of losing a spouse or loved one as so many others had suffered. It felt as if Peace had left never to return again, and the song Shanti helped put those feelings into words for me. Three years later, life has returned more to normal. Now as the father of a one year old, though, the school terrorism tragedy in Russia reminds me that we must still continue calling for Shantiís return.Ē

We present the melody for our readers to hear and enjoy.
Click Here to listen. Shanti song can also be heard at www.shantisong.org.

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Rithik and his father Malay Kundu

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