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Satsang Center: Upcoming Events

Sudhir Parikh

Jai SiyaRam, SATSANGI Families !    

Sri RamNavmi is here in 2023 !  

Please join us for the upcoming celebrations of Sri RamNavmi and  Sri Hanuman Pragatya Utsav !  

(Why Pragatya Utsav ? Just FYI !  Jayanti is for the Person who died !   God Never Physically die !  ). 

Happy New Year of Gudi Padavo is on March 22nd.  So Chaitri NavRatri starts from March 22nd till Sri RamNavmi on March 30th.

Join us for 

1.  Sri Pagayta Utsav arati @ 12 noon in SATSANG Center. 

2.  Akhanda Sri Tulsi Ramayan Path on March 31st Friday from 6 PM

3.  Sri Ram Bhajans on April 1st Saturday (Please Do Not Fool Your Self by staying Home ?)

4.   Fasting during Chaitri NavRatri:  It is suggested that during this period, go for Intermittent Fasting.   Start with 14 Hours Fasting and even during 10 hours of Feasting, if you eat twice or three times, NO munching anything in between !  Eventually, go for minimum 18 hours of Fasting and BRAVE ones will go for eating once a day within an hour or two.   We can go to even 15 days InterMittent Fasting till Sri Hanuamn Pragatya Day of April 15th !       

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