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Music For The Soul- LearnQuest Annual Music Conference

Pallavi Nagesha

Music for the Soul- LearnQuest Annual Music Conference

Pallavi Nagesha

It is said that music lifts the soul. By stirring the incognizant mind music awakens energies which create a pathway to transcendence. Meditation through music or nādōpāsana is an idea put forth as a path to Salvation. In the sangīta ratnākara, sāraṅgadeva describes nāda tanu, or body of sound. He says that emanating from the energy centers (cakras) of our body are distinct sounds which are then correlated to the notes of music. When these sounds synthesize in harmony, they are in tune with the music resonating in the universe. This creates the equilibrium you need to balance the states of your mind and body.

The śloka “śiṣurveṭṭi paṣurveṭṭi gānarasaṃ phaṇiḥ” says that the power of music touches all be the child or an animal. It connects us with the universe. The treatise on Celestial music or gandharva vidya  explores the concept of balancing the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual state of individuals through meditative music. Nāda can also be translated as vibrations or pulsations and can be interpreted as the stream of consciousness. By achieving this balance through music we are also connecting with the vibrating, pulsating universe. Thus preparing a pathway for Transcendence.

At LearnQuest, nādōpāsana takes on many forms. Dedicated teachers impart invaluable musical knowledge throughout the year. Our annual conference brings a kaleidoscope of immersive musical experiences for both the students and the rasikas. With the pandemic behind us we are looking forward to our 15th annual Music Conference where we can soak in the healing showers of music. Our main event will be held from April 7th through 9th, 2023 at Casey Theater, Regis College in Weston, MA.

To learn more, go to  https://conference.learnquest.org.

Get your tickets at https://conference.learnquest.org/#tickets.

Listen to Gunjan Radio (WUML) on Saturday 9 am for a special edition on vādya.

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