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As we celebrate 75 years of India's Independence and 74th Republic Day, here are a few questions about how well you know India.

1.The life expectancy at birth in India today is 70 years. What do you think it was in the 1950s?

a) >70  b) <35 c) 45-70 d) 35-45

2.India is the 7th largest country by land mass. What is its rank when it comes to the amount of arable land?

a) 2nd b) 1st c) > 7th d) 3rd to 7th

3. What percentage of rural households do you think have regular wage earning as their major source of income?

a) 30-60% b) 0-20% c) 60-80% d) 20-40%

4. What percentage of India's youth do you think enrolls in a college?

a) 50-75% b) >75% c) 30-50% d) <30%

5. What proportion of our Members of Parliament are graduates?

a) <50% b) 70-90% c) 50-70% d) >90%

6. In 2004-05, less than 40% of child births happened in an institution (hospital or similar). What would you guess is the figure now?

a) 40-70% b) <40% c) >90% d) 70-90%

7. The Louvre in Paris had over 10 M visitors in 2018. How many visitors did the Taj Mahal in Agra have in that year?

a) 5 M b) 7 M c) 12 M d) 15 M

Send your answers to: anil@lokvani.com.

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