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Conquer Your Day By Rising Early!

Swami Mukundananda

Build a Powerful Morning Routine

What is the best time to wake up and why? You will derive maximum benefit by waking up during the Brahma Muhūrt, or the Creator’s time – roughly from 4–6 am. It is the best time for quality focused work. The environment is undisturbed, the atmosphere has high levels of prana, and the mind is poised.

While beta brainwaves dominate during the day, one naturally goes into the alpha or theta states in the morning. These frequencies are conducive to creativity and learning. Writers, painters, and singers utilize this time for their creative ideas and perfecting their work.

What should we incorporate in the first two mornings of our day? 

Dedicate an hour for physical exercise for the body. Fitness ensures that you have a surging supply of energy and stamina to accomplish all the tasks of the day. Exercising first thing in the morning releases the happy hormone, serotonin. It also gives a sense of accomplishment.

Invest an hour on personal development. Successful people realize that inner victories lead to external excellence. Many people utilize this hour by journaling about their goals, which gives them clarity and focus. Others read meaningful books or watch inspiring videos to learn and train in their subject of interest. It can be a time for reflection on values you strive to instill. Essentially, this is your time to build character and pursue personal growth.

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