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IAGB Harmony Gala


A heartfelt thank you to you for attending the IAGB Harmony Gala. We were delighted to have you spend an evening with us in a cozy and personal setting. The community that comes together/works together for a common goal stays together. Whether you have been part of IAGB's journey in helping the community or you have shared similar goals to help the Indian Diaspora - we appreciate you, we celebrate you, and we treasure you!

Cheers to YOU! Here’s to keeping these communication and collaboration channels warm and shining bright!

Thanks to our vibrant and beautiful emcee Yogita Miharia, you added many interesting and engaging notes to our unique celebration. Love your passion and desire of staying true to the motto, once an IAGBian, always an IAGBian.

Thanks to Moumita Banerjee, teacher and founder of Tarana School of Dance for your beautiful dance piece crafted to showcase the spirit of the evening. 

Thanks to  Devika Dhawan of DFD for the very fun and energetic dance performance which had the room swaying.

Many thanks to  Ajay Gallewale for allowing us to host his Stand-up Comedy debut performance for the South Asian community.

Thanks to the Academy of Creative Art-Hetal Joshi and Have Mehta Joshi for the most appropriate venue, allowing us to create an inviting and cozy ambiance.

Thanks to Deep Agrawal for helping us add the finest touches to give the best visual experience at the Gala.

And a big shoutout to Atul Nimbalkar for the nicest captures of the evening.

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