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The Crash Of A Civilization By Kanchan Banerjee: The Global Book Launch

Geetha Patil

Smt. Haimanti and Shri. Kanchan Banerjee in collaboration with Somanjana Chatterjee organized a virtual meet titled Global Book Launch for the release of new book, The Crash of a Civilization by Kanchan Banerjee on Sunday, December 18, 2022. Eminent panelists and guests from Bharat, USA, and other parts of the world attended the meet and made it a grand success.


Smt. Somanjana Chatterjee, Cohort - Center for Dharmic Studies, UC Berkley, and the moderator of the program welcomed and thanked all the panelists and the guests for attending the program and presented a brief introduction of the author to the audiences.  The author, Kanchan Banerjee recited various shlokas from Vedas, Puranas, and Upanishads and expounded their meanings after saluting Gurus. He further said that India was the center of excellence in the fields of education, technology, trade, medicine, with world famous universitersities, and the manufacturing hub of the world that was having the lion-share of world GDP was destroyed by the invaders. The imperial and colonists powers, the Muslim and British rules became reasons for the downfall of the rich civilization. In this book, an attempt is made to analyze how the profound and long-term influence of foreign ideologies and forces such as Christian, Islamic, and later colonists, imperialists, western capitalists, and Marxists have influenced India, her society, and people. He concluded his presentation by saying that the new colonists or the followers of neocolonialism are trying to destroy India’s heritage, culture, and the land. Colonialism in the olden  days meant taking over land, wealth, and colonizing the people whereas today’s colonialism means colonizing the minds of people of less developed countries, having massive economic benefits from them, and at the same time increasing their dependency on the powerful western and communist countries. At the end, he requested people to read this book to understand the more than hundred instances of exploitation that were not known to people before and how the neocolonists are working to achieve their goals.


Padma Bhusan Dr. Ved P. Nanda, Ved Nanda Center for International and Comparative Law, University of Denver talked about how much study and research went into producing this book, about the author, and the book itself in brief. He said that the author has brought a fresh perspective to know and understand our true history with its past glory, present status, and its future road map. Another panelist, Smt. Haimanti Banerjee, the wife of Kanchan Banerjee spoke about her ideas and emotions involved in the journey of this book. She said that the shape of the book started as a bush and turned into a big tree with lots of branches. It was a challenge for a science student to write a history book but Kanchan did it successfully.


Prof. Saradindu Mukherji, Historian, formerly at Delhi University, currently a member of Indian Council for Historical Research said that putting the human experiences of thousands of years in the shape of a book is very commendable. Sri Uday Mahurkar, Author, Senior Editor, India Today, and Information Commissioner of India said that every Indian who wants India to become a great nation should read this book. In addition, the author has done a great job in putting the last two-thousand-years history as: the role of Abrahamic religions; the most painful medieval period of India; and how the left intellectuals tried to destroy the vision of this country.


Padma Shree Prof. Subhas Kak, Professor and Head, Department of Computer ScienceOklahoma State University, and an Indic Scholar said that this book helps the reader to understand many paradoxes that India went through and contributes in a great way for the reclamation of its glory.  Shri, Avatans Kumar, Columnist, Linguist, President and Trustee of INDICA believed that this book would prove to be an instrumental in bringing the changes that we are looking for. Somanjana Chatterjee and Kanchan Banerjee thanked again all the panelists and the audiences for their active participation and blessings.


Please buy and enjoy reading this book: The Crash of a Civilization by Banerjee, Kanchan Published by Prabhat Prakashan, 2022. ISBN 10: 9355212402 / ISBN 13: 9789355212405

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