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Grand Celebration Of '3-in-1' Event (Veteran's Day, Famous Book Launch (Snakes In The Ganga) & Diwali)

Press Release

FIA New England in association with Infinity Foundation on 8th November 2002 held a book launch event for – Snake in the Ganga – written by the renowned Indologist, Rajiv Malhotra.

Present at the Book launch was the eminent author Rajiv Malhotra, Shrewsbury Fire Chief Mr. Jim, Mrinalini Darswal - who is from the IAS cadre and currently pursuing a Doctorate from Harvard, Deputy CEO of National Health Authority IPS Vipul Aggarwal, Amresh Mishra (IPS) and Professor Balram Singh, Sandeep Asija along with the host of other guests and dignitaries.

Mr. Abhishek Singh ' President of FIA NE has appealed to the community to read this book thoroughly. and said It is not just a book; it is kind of a doctrine to understand the problem of the modern world and the best possible solutions. He praised Rajiv Malhotra's effort and for his visionary and thought-provoking book and re-appealed to the community at large to read it

The event, held in Shrewsbury Massachusetts, and Harvard faculty club, was attended by over than 600+ people and included students from Ivy League colleges of Harvard and MIT, UMASS. All the specimen copies of 200+ books have sold out in the first half hour of the ceremony.

Speaking at the event Rajiv. Malhotra said that the books unveil uncomfortable truths concerning India's vulnerabilities. He thanked FIA for its unconditional support.

Rajiv Malhotra, renowned scholar, successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, and founder of Infinity Foundation said Marxists and leftists have resorted to a new approach of Wokeism to apply Critical Race Theory to castes in India as Critical Caste Theory define Dalits in India as the Blacks of America. This allows them to superimpose atrocities on the Black population in America on the conditions of Dalits in India, in an effort to break India by dividing Hindus.  Rajiv identified such scholars in Harvard as poisonous snakes who could bite and kill a society be it America or India.

Professor Francis Xavier Clooney an American Jesuit priest and scholar in the teachings of Hinduism, agreed with the problem in applying such straight jacket theory, and welcomed Rajiv’s right to take on Harvard on this issue, citing Harvard examines everyone on earth, so why should it be spared. Without being willing to defend or attack Harvard scholars of India in various institutes and centers of Harvard, he focused on the work being conducted in the Divinity School and mentioned the plans to expand Hindu Studies there.

Prof. Dr. Bal Ram Singh described the event as an important one for the academic and intellectual community. Persons like Rajiv Malhotra and Francis Clooney although coming from different backgrounds of business and spirituality have dedicated to the good of society through intellectual and academic enterprise. Rajiv has been a listening post who blows the horn in the public interest. He thanked the prominent members of the audience that also had faculty and researchers of Harvard, including some members of Indian civil services, and several business and community leaders.

Dr. Mrinalini Darswal urged lumping together various forms of discrimination is not productive. To counter the Anti-India narrative in the West, she opined that the current Indian government under our nationalistic and visionary prime minister Mr. Modi has lent us an excellent platform to create our own well-informed narrative using the new education policy.

The extravaganza event started with the National anthem of the USA and India and then followed by the lighting of the lamp ceremony by Rajiv Malhotra, Dr. Abhaya Ashtana, Pankaj Adaval, and Deepak Rathore after the cultural program has performed by Amudha Shri Dance Academy, Saisha Dance Academy, and Vandana Rao foundation. FIA- New England has remembered and recognized the supreme sacrifices of Veterans and Honored them during the event. Shrewsbury Fire Chief Jim Vuona was present during the ceremony and special Governor’s proclamations have provided by Sanjay Gokhale and Chandan Sukija to Shri Kaushik Patel and Pramod Pandey and Dr. Abhaya Ashtana.

Jyoti Singh and Mukta Munjal were the Masters of the Ceremony (Emcee) of the whole event. Anand Sharma, Rakesh Kavsari, Ajay Pulapurthi, Amol Penshanwar, Jay Smrity Thakur, Ankit loonia, and Himanshu Chauhan along with dozens of FIA- NE executives distributed the T-Shirts to the Students and Gifted the Diwali souvenir to all the invited guest and show their gratitude to Kumar food vendor, Mohikas's for souvenirs & gifts, Joyfull Inc, kV & Rashik photography, and praised their efforts to join the ceremony during weekdays in such a large number. In the last FIA- Honored all the Senior Citizens and Students with Certificates.



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