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Cancer Shakti Foundation: Luminescence 2022

Press Release

Luminescence 2022 was Cancer Shakti Foundation (CSF)’s one of a kind Event to Honor Survivors and to Share Tributes to those who are no longer with us through this event by Lighting a Candle and Raise Funds To Support Cancer Research Efforts.

Event Name: Luminescence 2022: “Share your souls Inner Light”

Date and time

-       Sun, September 18, 2022

-      4:00 PM – 8:00 PM EDT



-       Nara Park, Acton MA



Cancer Shakti Foundation’s one of a kind event – “Luminescence 2022” was an event to support Cancer awareness, as well promote fight against cancer. Our goal was to provide a moment of reflection and appreciation, an opportunity to honor survivors and to share tributes to those who are no longer with us through this event by lighting a candle. With an attendance of 400 supporters, many from communities that are under-represented in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, this one of a kind event signified the importance of a foundation that seeks to support cancer patients, with an emphasis on those of color. The event was a huge success with the immense support from the community to make the world aware that it's the ”SOULS INNER LIGHT” that matters the most. Through hard work, perseverance and determination, the Core Team at Cancer Shakti made this event the success that it was. As Founder Dr. Shefali Agarwal said, “Without their dedication, this event would not have been possible. The entire community is in their debt for the many weeks of work that these volunteers put in to make sure Luminescence 2022 was a unique, entertaining and meaningful event.”

The program included a keynote by State RepresentativeKate Donaghue who spoke about the importance and benefits of supporting cancer research. Additionally, its founder Dr. Agarwal shared information on the Cancer Shakti foundation and mission. The evening’s highlight was food carving/ salad competition with families touched with cancer, various vendors, raffle, bingo, live band, flash mob, games and finally commencing the event with lightening a candle to honor the heroes who fight this battle. There was also ethnically diverse cultural music bands, designing of greeting card for cancer patients as well as the event was attended by highly esteemed individuals. The experiences, struggles, memoirs and positivity shared by cancer survivors touched everyone’s heart and left them with teary eyes

Various fellow community NGO organizations were facilitated in the event for their impactful work. These included Ekal Boston, Vision-aid, Care 4 Janitors, We Care Charity, Saheli, People for India (PFI), Ellie Fund, Volunteering For Seniors Inc, Maine Cancer Foundation, Raahat Foundation and Lucy Love Bus.

Additionally CSF was able to complete its mission for the event for raising Funds for Ellie Fund to promote breast cancer research.

When the indian dhol tasha music performed, everyone came on the floor to dance and celebrate life regardless of race, ethnicity, color or opinion. It was a sight of complete unison in this fight against cancer

Lastly, as the numerous lighted candles were shining, we all paid tribute to cancer survivors, those we lost and care givers as one regardless of differences in color, race or opinion. This was most humbling experience of all! The sea of lights was a sight to take in and feel grateful. It was a sign we all care. Each candle was not just a candle but a promise to be there for people that are fighting cancer, that have overcome cancer and those that unfortunately succumbed to the terrible disease.

The word “shakti” means power – and this event demonstrated collective power that happens when a community unites to raise awareness and engages in the fight for cancer patients. Cancer Shakti Foundation (CSF) is proud of the teams efforts and the resulting monies donated for cancer research.




Keynote Speaker

 Kate Donaghue for State Representative

Seven Multicultural Music Performances

Devoe Music

Penpa Tsering and band Sonal Limbachia
Indian Beatles Mahi Band
ISW Dhol Tasha Group
Dhruv Nadkarni, Tabla Player

About the host, Cancer Shakti Foundation:

-          Cancer Shakti Foundation has a global mission to be a non-profit volunteer and donation-based organization dedicated to raising cancer awareness and supporting cancer patients and their families with an emphasis on people of color.

-          Dr. Shefali Agarwal started this foundation as a result of her own painful experience of losing her beloved father to cancer. She knows first-hand the devastating effect this disease has on families. The mission she has set for Cancer Shakti Foundation, in the short term, is to raise funds for cancer research and to focus on the under-served which disproportionately is people of color.

-          The board members of the foundation comprise well-known oncologists and leaders in the oncology field. Additionally, there is a diverse team of 12-14 volunteers assisting in realizing the mission.

About Dr. Shefali Agarwal:

-        The Cancer Shakti foundation was founded by Dr. Shefali Agarwal, a physician by training, Chief Executive Officer and President at Onxeo, Interim Chief Medical & Development Officer @ Epizyme, Chair of the Board of Director @ Onxeo, Board of Director @ FATE therapeutics, Gritstone Bio, ITB-Med, SABC member @ Imvax. She has 20 years of diverse career encompassing the entire requisites of academic medicine and research from clinic to bedside, pharmaceutical drug development from pre-clinical to post-marketing. More details can be found here:

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