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Here We Go …Shishu Bharati…back To School…

Seshi Sompuram, President, Shishu Bharati

Here we go …Shishu Bharati…back to school…

It is all smiles, warm greetings, and nothing but hangama at all three locations of Shishu Bharati. Yes, Shishu Bharati started classes in person! It was truly lively with such a hustle and bustle, as new parents anxiously but curiously looked for their child’s classrooms. Shyly but proudly meeting new friends at Shishu Bharati, who would be together for the longest time, 11 years! (KG-8th grade/9-years + two years as Alumni volunteers). Together, in this long but beautiful journey, they learn and experience their heritage. They communicate to their beloved families more easily. Every visit to India has a different excitement and meaning; they visit, explore, and appreciate the places and the vast culture and food. This journey takes them to their roots, and strengthens their awareness and bond with their heritage and families.


Shishu Bharati admires and welcomes all to join the mission; “Perceive, Preserve, and Promote” Indian heritage. We the students, parents, teachers, and administrators look forward to another exciting 44th academic year and we’re very excited to celebrate and congratulate the biggest graduating class of 2023.

Shishu Bharati Assemblies: Lexington - Nashua - Walpole


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