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Celebrate 25 Years Of Service With The Desai Foundation

Press Release

We are thrilled to announce celebrity guests Nina Davuluri and Avanti Nagral will be gracing the stage at our Lotus Festival on September 24th at Gillette Stadium! Meet them both at this grand party with a purpose!

We are beyond honored to have been serving the women and children of India and the United States over the course of this quarter of a century. This year's Lotus Festival is our gift to you, as none of our work is possible without your faith, investment, and support of our vision.

The tickets this year are only $225 for the best seats at Gillette Stadium: The Putnam Club! Expect a sit down gala with musical performances and a live auction, as well as VIP tours of Gillette Stadium!

100% of tickets sold goes directly to our programming - help us reach our goal of impacting 5 million lives by 2023!


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