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Group For Research Program On Diabetes

Press Release

During our first meeting, on Sep. 18th,  we decided to start Diabetes Research Program as of coming Saturday Sep. 24th : Every Saturday and Sunday 6 to 8 am. Once we have a steady Committed Group, then we will discuss any need to change such as adding one more weekday and timing.  I will send the flyer out soon.  Other points that were discussed: 

1.  All the participants must register.  

Interested folks must register on this link: 




2. I will forward another form to complete about your Diabetic History to registered participants. 

3. Talk to your Dr. about getting you CGM - Continuous Glucose Monitoring - preferably FreeStyle Libre 2.  They can get you a couple of them free to start the experience!  

3. If you get it before starting the program, wait till the first session on Sep.  24th.  We will cover how one would start the program.
4.  If you do not have Diabetes, but wish to learn the Life Style changes, it is fine.  But you must register.  

5. Please send me your email to natarajayogacenter@gmail.com so that I can forward the Medical History Form.  

6. What you will learn here, it would help overall Health, not just Diabetes ! Such as Wteight Loss, Hypertension.

Let your Family and Friends with Diabetic Condition know to join this program .  🕉 Peace 🕉

Please note:  We will share our experience and you try whatever appeals to "on Your Own Risk" !   You can consult your doctor!   

I , Sudhir Parikh, along with our Team of Yoga Teachers would like to share my experience on Life Style Experiments and Yoga Training. 

For Further INFORMATION:   Pankajben  781-334-2968,  Bindu Gupta 774-253-5571, Hansaben  617- 965-9618, Harshalbhai  617-571-7266, Dr. Bhasker 240-298-1483, Rajbhai  978-399-4027, Dr. Subhshree 609-502-3915,          Niru 603-623-1930, Sudhir 603-661-7101 . 

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