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Special Approach To Manage Diabetes

Press Release

First Introduction Meeting on ZOOM @ 12 Noon. Coming Sunday September 18th, 2022

Meeting ID: 801 241 8962     Password: JaiSiyaRam   Pay attention to CAPITAL Letters.
or go to www.satsangcenter.com to Click on the ZOOM Link.  

Interested folks must register on this Link: 




Respected YOGA Lovers or Any Diabetics !  

What motivates us to go for Diabetics Research Group Training:  

1.  Here is my recent Experience: When I as in Bharat from DEC 2021 thru March 2nd, 2022:   

A. My A1C reached 11 with Ave Glucose Level of about 240 mg/dL for 3 months.   

B. Last two weeks of Feb 2022 A1C was 9.8.   

C. In the Month of May, A1C lowered to 8.8.  

D. Now the average for the last 7 days (Aug 12 thru 18) is 173 mg/dL.  14 days  (Aug 5 thru 18th) 168 mg/dL and for 30 days ( July 20th thru Aug 18th ) is 171 mg /dL.   So A1C is just around 7.5.  

Mind well please, that I do NOT take any Diabetes Medications.   I have been Pre-Diabetic for last some 9 years and Diabetic for 3 years. 

I am 79 years Young and for my age, as I understand, A1C should be less than 7.5.   Of course, Lower the better. 

I , Sudhir Parikh, along with our Team of Yoga Teachers would like to share my experience on Life Style Experiments and Yoga Training. 

For Further INFORMATION:   Pankajben  781-334-2968,  Bindu Gupta 774-253-5571, Hansaben  617- 965-9618, Harshalbhai  617-571-7266, Dr. Bhasker 240-298-1483, Rajbhai  978-399-4027, Dr. Subhshree 609-502-3915,          Niru 603-623-1930, Sudhir 603-661-7101 . 

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