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Celebrate Pujya Sri Morari Bapu's And Sri Narendra Modi's Birthdays

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Please Join us in Satsang Center ZOOM



or Go to www.satsangcenter.com

Pujya Sri Morari Bapu's
Birthday - Bhajans

Friday Sep. 16th @ 7:45 PM
on ZOOM  

Pujya Bapu suggested to start SATSANG Association on July 5th 1984; which we have now as SATSANG Center. 

Here are some of His Chantings

2.   Hanuman Chalisha - Daily 11 Times.  Monthly ShivRatri 108 Times : 
3. Stuti Paath || Ramayan Paath || इन स्तुतियों का अवश्य पाठ करें || Morari Bapu


4.  Before going to Sleep - Chant the Whole Ramayan in Form of KakBhusundi Ramayan 

Shri Kak Bhusundi || काकभुशुण्डि || Paath || Morari Bapu || Lyrical

5.  While Taking Shopwer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=us7ufIwxR0s


Sri Narendra Modi's Birthday Sept. 17th 

Celebration on ZOOM @ 4:45 PM

सौगंध मुझे इस मिट्टी की मैं देश नहीं मिटने दूंगा, मैं देश नहीं रुकने दूंगा, 

मैं देश नहीं झुकने दूंगा


Saugandh Mujhe Is Mitti Ki - A Humble Tribute By Lata Mangeshkar To Our Jawans and Entire Nation..



Bhadarva ShivRatri  

Sept 23 Friday @ 7 PM. Most Likey on ZOOM.


If we get 5 Families Committed to come for Pitru Shraddh on Sept 25th Sunday - Sarva Pitru Amavasya Day

Devchandbhai will administer the CereMony

Tentative Time:  10 to 12 AM

Sponsor :  Voluntary Contribution.

  Venue: SATSANG Center 

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