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Tribute To 9-11 Heros

Press Release

Boston Generation Next Indian American Children along with Firefighter, Law Enforcement officers and FIA-New England gave tribute to 9-11 Heros 


On the occasion of Patriots Day, Federation of Indian Associations - New England organized an event to honor and commemorate the Martyrs of 9/11 terror attack at Shrewsbury Massachusetts.


The 21st 9-11 remembrance ceremony was held inside a Fire station to pay homage to the 344 fire fighters and 71 police personnel who bravely and selflessly laid down their lives while saving those trapped in the two world trade towers.


Present at the ceremony were Fire Chief Mr. James F. Buona, Police Chief Chad Chysna and Member of Board of Selectmen Ms. Beth N Casavant, Mr. John R Samia and FIA New England President Mr. Abhishek Singh with Indian American Community.


Wreaths were laid by the present dignitaries along with Sandeep Asija, Jyoti Singh, Sanjay Gokhale, and FIA President Abhishek Singh. Master of ceremony Mrs. Mukta Munjal invited FIA Joint Secretary Mr. Deepak Rathore to share his condolences to those who lost their friends and relatives during the 9/11 terrorists attacks.


Peace Prayers and Hymns were sung during the ceremony by FIA team members Mrs. Meenu Sharma, Mrs. Deepthi Kavsari, Mr. Aanand Sharma, Mr. Rakesh Kavsari and Mr. Sachin Jain as people from all walks of life gathered to pay their respects.


Aa a mark of respect the pictures of the martyrs were put up and their names were read out by the Indian American generation next children and families. Kids from six-year-old to 16 years read out loud the 344 names of firefighter martyrs who sacrificed their lives to save people from burning towers.


Speaking at the occasion Mr. Abhishek Singh said that it was indeed a sad day and that the Indian American community identifies and empathizes with the tragedy even more so because a similar heinous terror attack was faced by India on 11/26 in 2008 and just like New York, the city of Mumbai also came to a halt for many days. He also pointed out that the Indian Americans were almost 10% of the casualties of the 9/11 terror attack even though at the time they were a miniscule 0.001% of the entire American population and the entire community should commit and resolve to fight terrorism.


Ceremony was concluded by raising the flag and ringing the bells five times by the fire department. FIA treasurer Amol Penshanwar thanked the community for joining the remembrance ceremony, along with fire and police departments of Shrewsbury, media team, photographers, decorators and food vendors.


Flowers were showered on the remembrance monument by Panakj Adaval, Manil Asija, Nikhil Wadhwa, Shivendra Singh, Smriti Thakur, Priyanka, Geena Vermani, Sangita Rai, Obayyed, Santosh, Jay, Chirag Patel, Ajay Pulapurti, Vijay, Manisha Kumar, Yashika, Venu, Naveen, Abhinav, Raj Uppala, Chandan, Mukesh, Anupama.

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