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VHPA Bal Vihar Teaches Indian Cultural Values To Children

Jaya Asthana

VHPA Bal Vihar Teaches Indian Cultural values to children


There is a great urge in Hindu parents to bring up their children in the Hindu way. The generation that grew up in India did not need any extra effort to learn Hindu culture and values. It was assimilated through the society they lived in. In USA the new generation of Hindus has very few avenues to imbibe our cultural values and develop a sense of pride in their Hindu identity. The VHPA Bal Vihar fulfills this need of the Hindu society. Bal Vihar introduces them to their Dharma, their culture, the history, morals, practices and the reason behind these practices. These activities strive to not only make them proud Hindus, but also active workers, who are proud to serve the society they live in. 


The Bal Vihar is a weekly 2-hour program. It is open to children 4 years and above. It is held every Sunday from 10:00 AM to 12:00 Noon.  


The Bal Vihar provides an opportunity for children to discover their cultural bond with Bharat and develop pride in their identity as Hindu Americans. The program is designed to develop volunteer spirit in children, a sense of awareness of our obligations to the society, a sense of belonging to a global family, and to develop leadership qualities. This is done through Hindi language instruction as well as cultural activities which promote both the physical and spiritual well-being of the child. While the families that come to Bal Vihar come from all parts of India, they learn Hindi and DevNagari script. Other activities include Yoga, indoor and outdoor Indian games, shlokas and prayers, inspirational songs, poems, bhajans, stories that entertain and at the same time teach moral values, perform plays, crafts, celebration of festivals and birthdays . Older children learn Hindu Dharma the through study of Hindu texts and Bhagwad Geeta, so that by the time they get to college they are well versed in their religious and cultural background. These activities are continuously fine-tuned to make the best use of time available. 


The success of Bal Vihar is due to the dedicated parents who not only bring their children every week, but volunteer their time, energy and talents in teaching and contributing to the many different aspects of Bal Vihar.  


Registration is now open for classes starting on Sep 25, 2022, for VHPA Bal Vihar of MetroWest, MA. 


For more information, please contact  

Jaya Asthana at (617) 513-6887 or jasthana@hotmail.com 

Raji Subramanium (508) 725-5085 or rajisub@yahoo.com 

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