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Mindful Communication: A Practical Guide For Exchanging Love And Compassion Webinar

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Mindful Communication: A Practical guide for exchanging Love and Compassion Webinar

A post-conference Webinar was hosted on 20th July 2022 by the Vice-Chancellor of Siddha-Vetha Center for Transdiciplinary Studies Dr. Shanmugamurthy Lakshmanan. Chief guests  included Ms. Kumu Gupta and Dr. Vethabhyas Kundu of Gandhi Smriti Delhi, both of whom are global promotors of non-violence. The webinar of live-streamed for reaching all across the globe. The topic was on “ Mindful Communication”; A Practical guide for exchanging Love and Compassion among living species. The theme was chosen as part of the post conference event

Siddha-Vetha Center for Transdisciplinary Studies organized a three-day International Conference on Ancient Science and Technology 2022 in Coimbatore, India on July 14-16 for manifesting 1st ever global University in India for Ahimsa and Ancient Indigenous Sciences.  Love and Compassion medicine was the  prominent themes of the conference. The first day was inaugurated by Dr. Shan Lakshmanan the Keynote address was delivered by Dr. Sailesh Rao (ex Stanford Scientist) founder of Climate Healer.. Kimaya Riley Rao was invited a as the Child Chief Guest for promoting Veganism World wide.

The 2nd day  was inaugurated by Dr. Shan Lakshmanan by bringing the connection between Ancient and Modern Medicine. A ground-breaking talk was Delivered by Prof John Haglien, President of Maharishi International University. He opened up the connection between Maharishi Unified Theory with Ayurveda. Eminent Siddha doctors from all across the globe participated in this event.

Ancient Saatvic non-violent natural food based on Siddha Culinary Practice were served,  the first Siddha First Aid box also was released during the conference. 84 people were honored with Transdisciplinary Excellence Award by Tourism , Dr. Shan Lakshmanan and Minister Mr. Mathiventhan. Other prominent leaders included Dr. Manjula Chair of the Suddha Sanmarkam Research Institute, Mr K.P. Ramasamy(Chairman KPRIET), Mr Manikkam(MAK group of Co, Dr. Jayarajamoorthy and Dr. Ganesh (IAS health Secretary, AYUSH and Dr. Meenakumari from National Institute for Siddha..

The post conference led to opening up a course on  Non-Violent communication in working with Gandhi Smriti and Ms. Gupta. The course will be posted in


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