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Shravan Shiv Abhishek

Press Release

Listen to This wonderful Shiva Immersion Chanting by Manish Vyas and his group !  


Shravan Maas - Month starts as of July 29th ! Let’s start Shiva immersion as of July  26th - Tuesday Ashath ShivRatri.  We will have Special Siva Satsang on that day from 7 pm with arati @ 7:30 pm.  Shiva  Satsang will continue till at least 8:15 PM on SATSANG ZOOM !

Fri. July 29th - Fri. August 26th

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SATSANG Center WOBURN MA 01801 is extremely happy to announce the following UPCOMING programs:

Month of Shravan is just around the corner, as of July 29th Friday.   The daily Normal Shiv Pujan - Abhishek will be carried out everyday during Shravn as per the past Practices. 

Weekdays From 7 PM - Shiva Pujan & Abhishek followed by Shiv Arati and Daily Arati.   For weekend Days - SAT & SUN from 4 PM.

Abhisheka includes, with Shiv Chalisha, 108 Names of Shiva, Mrutyunajaya Mantra - 108 times, followed By Dwadash Jyotir Ling Aarati. plus that day's Arati.  

We prefer that, if convenient, please come to the Center for Group Synergy Experience.  Please be there 15 minutes earlier. We will provide everything needed.  

We will have to follow, the Covid Protection Prevailing Practices, such as wearing Mask, Maintaining Social Distancing and if you have any Symptoms, please DO NOT Come to the Center.   


If NOT Convenient:  you are welcome to join on ZOOM:  ZOOM Link is on www.satsangcenter.com

After Normal Abhishek and Arati, there will be SPECIAL SATSANG on Different Shiv Stuties from 7:45 to 8:15 PM weekdays & 4:45 to 5:15 PM on Sat - Sun..  We will go over the meaning of those Special Stuties and how does that relate to our Life.   There will also be Shiv Meditation Practices covered.  It will be in Mixed Languages - Gujarati - Hindi - English.  

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