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Group For Research Project On Diabetes

Press Release

There has been an increasing awareness and statistics that Diabetes as a medical condition is taking a toll on Indian Americans. Science is moving on to help this group of people with good outcome but it seems not enough. Multidisciplinary approach to help such patients has been going on globally.

One of the most promising additional alternative health care which has been helping is the role of Yoga in Diabetes.

SVyas university in India has shown great value in using Yoga Ayurved as an added value added - self controlled - least expensive - personally doable approach.

Coincidentally during the Celebration of InterNational YOGA Day on June 19th, We presented Yoga Practices Related to Diabetes. We expressed and  proposed about starting a Group for Research Project on Diabetes pertaining to the Value of yoga and how together we can learn and  pass on to others the value of Yoga in this ever increasing very devastating condition Diabetes . We are Inviting you to join this Group especially , if you or your family member has Diabetes   or have Risk Factors which may lead to Diabetes eventually.  The creator has blessed us with Unique Body - Mind Budhi Complex and full of inner bliss we have an additional way to help.

The Purpose of this educational exercises is to help and figure out what additional thing we can do with current Allopathic treatment and help our brothers and sisters from this bad medical condition .Each person has  Unique Body ! and  responses so using Yoga  as an added modality can help curtail or  may be and may be reduce the side effects of this diabetes conditions .With the Hope being eternal we will find something - some Special Discipline - that would be Best for Managing our own Diabetic Condition !  

Whether you are Prediabetic, Diabetic, Pro-Diabetic (Gestational Diabetes ! ), On Medication or considering Medication.  U R welcome to join !  
In our team we have allopathic doctors treating western medicine so we have a wonderful team as educators from many disciplines .

Please join us and be part of this great project
Help and heal the hurt —-
Sending you some info as Risk factors in diabetes as a start .
We can do more and we will continue this mission full of spirit so please join on this journey.

If you are interested, please call us or email us:  natarajayogacenter@gmail.com

Pankajben  781-334-2968,  Bindu Gupta 774-253-5571, Hansaben  617- 965-9618, Harshalbhai  617-571-7266, Dr. Bhasker 240-298-1483, Rajbhai  978-399-4027, Dr. Subhshree 609-502-3915, niru 603-623-1930, Sudhir 603-661-7101 . 

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