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Recipes For Summer Time


Honeydew Cucumber drink


30ml fresh melon juice

60ml fresh cucumber juice

15 ml fresh lime juice

4 watermelon wedges

Sparkling water

4 to 4 cucumber slices for garnish

Mix lemon juice with cucumber and lime juice. Add wedges and blend. Top with sparkling water. Garnish with cucumber slices .


Fennel Sherbet

50g fennel seeds

20g black raisins

1 tsp honey

1 tsp lemon juice

Ice cubes crushed

Salt to taste


Powder fennel seeds in a blender. Soak the powder in a cup of water. Soak raisins, When soft mash and strain and add honey. Strain fennel water. Add mashed raisins with honey over ice.

Season with salt and lemon juice.


Watermelon Mint Slush

120 ml watermelon juice

5 ml ginger juice

2-3 basil leaves

Sparkling water

5-6 mint leaves for garnish

Combine all in a blender and garnish with fresh mint leaves


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