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Nashua Soup Kitchen Dinner Activity

Santosh Salvi

Would like to share a very good story about 30+ volunteer families in and around Nashua, NH who are working together since January 7, 2021 in serving dinner for 100-120 homeless families every Thursday.

Me and Sandhya (my wife) got engaged with "Nashua Soup kitchen" by sponsoring and serving dinner during Diwali and Christmas of year 2020. We really enjoyed this experience and shared that with our close friends Meenakshi, Lalit, Radha, Sadanand, Smita and Chetan. They were equally interested in getting engaged with "Community Giving project" and wanted to participate.

 With the help of everyone's network we managed to engage 30+ families with the same level of commitments as us. We divide 30+ families into 4 groups and each group is coordinated by a lead (Santosh, Radha, Meenakshi and Roma) who decides menu, logistics etc. for each week and coordinate with their group to serve dinner for 100-120 people on each Thursday. During pandemic, we understand that not everyone is comfortable in serving, so whoever is comfortable, gets engaged in serving. Nashua Soup Kitchen, strictly follow Mask policy and social distancing policy. We have ‘WhatsApp” group and we have 30 minutes monthly meeting on first Monday of each month.

Here are the few things we achieved during last 3 months.

Every volunteer is really enjoying participating in this project by donating money, preparing food , serving etc.

We have served a total of 80 "Thursday dinners" so far with variety of cuisines - Indian, Italian, Mexican, Pizza etc.

We served around 8800 people during those 80 dinners.

Introducing locals about our Indian food

Receiving "Namaste - Indian greetings" from many of them

We also received greeting card on St. Patrick’s Day

We keep hearing feedback from "Nashua Soup Kitchen" that people are looking forward for Thursday's dinner.

Since we have many committed families who wants to engage for longer duration, we will continue with "Nashua Soup Kitchen" project and may engaged in other projects based on volunteer’s support.

If you are interested in knowing more details, please text or call Santosh - 603 438 9279

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