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SUNADHA - Helping Celebrate People With Different Abilities

Press Release

SUNADHA - Helping Celebrate People with Different Abilities

Samarthanam offers many different opportunities for people with disabilities to make them a part of the society and achieve self-fulfillment. One of these opportunities is Sunadha. It focuses on the artistic abilities of physically and visually challenged people such as singing, dancing, painting, and playing instruments. It is the artistic and cultural vertical at Samarthanam. Sunadha was founded in 1999; just two years after Samarthanam came into being.


Sunadha started as a team of disabled artists that would perform in the US and UK, but it has now grown to much more. As the demand for an artistic outlet for the disabled grew, Sunadha took form with the help of many corporations. Now, Sunadha is a full-fledged music and dance troupe that practices tirelessly so they can perfect their art form. The current set of artists have given over 48 performances abroad and they have given 70 performances on the premises of major corporations. Not only has this platform become extremely therapeutic for the artists, but it has also become a source of livelihood, dignity, and respect for them as well. Sunadha platform helps build confidence in the artists and provide opportunities for economic independence.


As a place for artistic expression, Sunadha embraces many different art forms including Bharatanatyam, Kolaata contemporary, Deepanjali, medley, rap, classical and contemporary movie songs, and mimicry. This list is growing and evolving as different people come with different interests.


Sunadha takes all of the amazing abilities that the artists have and creates a variety experience for the audience! Through these performances, 125 artists with disabilities are being encouraged and empowered. Over the years, Sunadha has delivered over 3,500 performances across the world and that number continues to grow as artists display their talents.


Samarthanam USA, Juju Productions, Indian Association of Greater Boston (IAGB) and India Society of Worcester (ISW) are proud to present “Nazraana” - a live music concert featuring Vijay Prakash and Anuradha Palakurthi. The multilingual concert will be held on August 20, 2022 at the Hanover Theatre in Worcester, MA. All the proceeds from the concert and any donations made will go towards helping Samarthanam Trust for Disabled reach their goal of helping 1 million disabled people by 2030.


Tickets are on sale at sulekha.com/nazraana22 and if you have any questions, would like to sponsor the event, or would like to purchase group tickets, you can email info@samarthanamusa.org.

Please connect with us on FaceBook’s event page - https://fb.me/e/3d7kFioZ7

Check out the promotional video here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waNKL2U_6e8 

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