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Ahimsa And The Art Of Non Violent Communication

Press Release

On the occasion of the 15th Ann. of U.N. International Day of Non Violence this Oct. 2nd, Mahatma Gandhi's birthday, KUMU Consulting  headed by Miss Kumu Gupta  has partnered with Gandhi Smriti Gandhi Darshan (New Delhi, India) , where Gandhiji spent his final 144 days  to offer a free short course on Communicating Non Violence way  at the end of which participants get  a Certificate of completion from Gandhi Smriti.

Miss Gupta is pursuing efforts to have 6 months free version of this course to  be taught at the U.N.,  Harvard and MiT Universities as well as Indian Embassy and Consulates in Washington DC, S.F. & N.Y. virtually from Gandhi Smriti.  And is pleased to announce a course based on these materials called "Ahimsa and the Art of Non Violent Communication"  is to be offered by Hindu University of America ( HUA) as a pilot for one quarter. 

Kalyan Viswanathan, President of Hindu University of America, added the following: 

"Today we are experiencing the immense sadness of daily acts of random gun violence in American society, as well as the sustained violence of war in various parts of the world. Under these conditions, Mahatma Gandhi who prioritized the power of love, and its capacity to heal and transform over the impulse to punish, is ever more relevant. Hindu University of America anticipates offering a vitally important, transformational course in the coming quarters, on Ahimsa and the Art of Non-Violent Communication."

"I’m in Pacific time zone. I was initially getting up at 2:20 AM to take these classes.  Thank you  ðŸ™ you have helped me on personal and public levels to implement a peaceful, non assuming, and empathetic level that had not been before. This has been great!".....USA

"I now introspect through daily reflection on my habits in the evening before retiring to bed. This will help me identify common patterns in my behavior"...Kenya

"It is really surprising to know how language can help to establish a bridge of connection between individuals, and yet also destroy such a bridge if not used carefully".... India

"Exposure to the use of nonviolent communication helps us handle issues that may arise and also contributes to the strengthening of relationships.".....Krygyzstan

Kumu is honored to know  Gandhi Ji's granddaughter and meeting his 2 sons here in the US . Kumu was special invited guest to the inaugural wreath laying ceremony by Mayor of San Francisco and Indian Consul General on Pier 39 (SF) for Gandhi Ji's birthday, when Kumu lived there . "I feel a strong special connection to Gandhi ji as my father took part in the Quit India movement. I have a strong sense of  free India  being my birthright. Gandhi ji is the ultimate NRI (non resident Indian, an Indian living outside India), an experience I own, having lived outside India since childhood" said Miss Gupta. During PM Modi's visit to the UN in 2019, he planted Gandhi Peace Garden with 51 trees for the Environment at a campus of Kumu's university SUNY Stony Brook and as a domestic violence advocate, Kumu took a class based on "Be the Change You Wish to see in the World" in Boston for Gandhi ji's birthday.

To register for the course please see Gandhismriti.gov.in and  hua.edu for information on Hindu University of America.

Photo credit : The “Non-Violence” (or “Knotted Gun”) sculpture by Swedish artist Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd on display at the UN Visitors’ Plaza. 


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