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SAMAGATA: A Coming Together

Press Release






Soumya Rajaram (Bharatanatyam)

Sapna Govindan (Mohiniyattam)

Priya Bangal (Odissi)


Saturday, June 11, 2022

7:30 pm 

Andover Town House (Old Town Hall)

20 Main Street, Andover, MA


Admission is free. Registration is recommended to reserve seating.


In the Indian tradition, music, poetry, dance, painting, sculpture, literature, legend and myth are all inseparably linked in a vast tapestry of art and aesthetics to reveal 'rasa' - the ultimate aesthetic essence of a work. For a dancer, immersion in her practice involves an awareness of these subtle yet vital connections. Her audience is then not merely a spectator, but a co-creator of this shared experience beyond the self, beyond the here and now. 


Samāgata is a coming together - of the dance and dancer, of the artist and the audience, and of three different dance forms from the Indian tradition.


Samāgata will be held at the Andover Town House, also known as Old Town Hall, a historic building built in 1858, located on Main Street in downtown Andover. Downtown Andover is a bustling business and cultural district that is home to several restaurants, coffee shops, The Andover Bookstore - one of the oldest bookstores in the country, and to the Andover Center for History and Culture. The Andover Town House is a charming venue that sits prominently in the heart of Andover.

The Andover Chroniclers spoke with the dancers of Samāgata on Andover TV, in the show named 'There is Something about Andover'. Click below to watch this interview by Champa Bilwakesh of The Andover Chroniclers. 

The Andover Center for History and Culture will host the dancers of Samāgata for a free, pre-performance interactive session. This session will discuss dance history, insight into the forms and serve as a glimpse into the upcoming performance. RSVP requested as seating is limited.


Samāgata is funded in part by New England Foundation for the Arts’ New England Dance Fund, with generous support from the Aliad Fund at the Boston Foundation. Samāgata is also supported in part by a grant from the Andover Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Mass Cultural Council, a state agency and by the Andover Commission for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

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