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Dhruba Sen For State Rep From Sixth Middlesex District

Press Release

Dhruba Sen is one of us - he is running for State Rep from the newly created 6th Middlesex House Legislative District in Massachusetts. 

Dhruba will give a voice to the Indian-American community including Indian owned small businesses. 

If elected, he will be the FIRST Indian American to become a member of the Massachusetts House of Representative.  

He is an IT specialist and Data Scientist by profession. 

In any election, funding is always a challenge. Please donate generously to his campaign at bit.ly/dhrubasen 

You need to be a US citizen or Permanent Resident (aka green card holder) and living anywhere in the US, in order to make a donation. If donating $200 or more, US election law requires that your employer’s name is documented.

For more information, please visit https://www.facebook.com/SEN4StateRep/ and like his Facebook page.

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