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India Towards 100: A Call For Reset! Need A Missionary Zeal


Reset India   
   As India celebrates 75th year of Independence
The Boston Pledge will welcome the opportunity to discuss essential issues the Nation must address to make its journey towards 100 truly meaningful in building a 
New Paradigm of Possibilities and Prospects 
 Sunday, May 8th 2022,  10:00 – 12:00 Noon(EST)  
3:00 – 5:00 PM (GMT), 7:30 - 9:30 PM (IST) 
 Mr. Puran Dang Distinguished Alumnus, and Life Fellow of IIT Kharagpur, Chairman Emeritus of 
MIT Heritage of The Arts of South Asia 
with a select group of world renowned experts and policy makers  including Dr. Sam Pitroda (Telecom Czar, Renowned Technologist and Advisor to 3 Prime Ministers of India), Mr. Suresh Prabhu (Chancellor of Rishihood University, Six times Member of Indian Parliament, Led ten different significant federal ministries)  and  
Mr. Gopalakrishnan(Author of multiple books, Ex Vice-Chairman of Tata Sons)

 will reflect on a recent book: 
India towards 100: A Call for Reset! Need a missionary Zeal
A collection of thoughts on Arts & Science of Nation Building  

to facilitate a discussion with the author

Dr. Partha S Ghosh   
 On new breakthrough moves India should adopt by:  (i) drawing inspiration from Vedic Philosophy (ii) embracing “cellularism” beyond capitalism and socialism (iii) instilling “central nervous economic system” to foster strategic approach (iv) shifting economic equations from conventional cartesian to biological/evolutionary (v) nurturing human centric organizational models to cultivate work ethics and decision ethics that are globally competitive.
The Boston Pledge (TBP) is a non-profit 501(C) 3 organization that brings together outstanding professionals committed to public service to address issues at the base of the
pyramid. It is our firm conviction and overarching belief that by (i) 
transcending the constraints of self-interest and limits of national borders, (ii) providing outstanding leadership in channeling intellectual know-how and financial resources to individuals,
groups, or government bodies working for the betterment of society 
and (iii) focusing on “uncovering the inner power” within people at the grassroots.
 Our goal is to create a virtuous, equitable, and sustainable society for all humanity.  

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