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Fashion For A Cause

Ranjani Saigal

 Ms. Bharath USA kicked-off its 2022 New England event series with a fashion show featuring celebrity designer Kirti Rathore at the “Raj Mahal” in Sharon, MA on 26th Feb 2022. The organizers, Mukta Munjal and Raj Gupta put together a dazzling event where former Ms Bharata winners modeled clothes designed by Kirti Rathore. 

“Ms. Bharath is platform for women of all ages and sizes to fulfill their dreams” said Mukta Munjal, a former Ms. Bharath winner who in now learning the New England wing of Ms. Bharath. “Participating in this event really help me become confident and find myself”  The event also featured Manara Chopra, a celebrity from Tollywood. There was also a cultural program showcasing dance and music. 

The event was held at “Raj Mahal”, the home of Raj and Raju Gupta which has a spectacular interior decor. The grandiose interior designed by Raj Gupta has a feel of palaces of yore. “I am from Rajasthan. We have many palaces in Rajasthan. It was my interest to create something more grandiose than those palaces. The house is my labor of love and I continue to add things everyday to make it more beautiful” said Raj. This fairytale home had an indoor swimming pool. Raj closed the pool and transformed that area into a grand ballroom where a catwalk was installed for the fashion show. 

Funds raised at the event went to support STEM education for under privileged girls. The Ms Bharath team is to be commended for making Fashion and Beauty more inclusive. We look forward to Ms. Bharath 2022. 

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