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Tumko Na Bhool Paayenge

Chitra Parayath

Producer: Gordhan Tanwani
Director: Pankuj Parashar
Starring: Salman Khan, Diya Mirza, Sushmita Sen, Inder Kumar, Mukesh Rishi, Sharat Saxena, Nishighandha Wad, Alok Nath, Rajpal Yadav, Johnny Lever
Music: Sajid Wajid, Daboo Malik
Lyrics: Salim Bijnori, Jalees Rashid and Sudhakar Sharma

Hum To Kabke Bhool Gaye!
Sad sack Salman and I click at last. We were both totally and utterly confused, depressed, distressed, baffled, bewildered, dazed and befuddled during Tumko Na Bhool Payenge. Salman looked better, though, with his six pack abs and gleaming bod.

Apart from Salman's and Inder Kumar's abs, which make an appearance towards the end of the film, there's nothing in this flick. Sushmita looks ridiculous mouthing inane lines whereas Salman looks right at home delivering cliched Bollywood sentiments. Riya Mirza has as much expressiveness as a tree stump and the less said about the plot and story the better.

Paukaj Parasher (Jalwa, Chaal Baaz) manages to elevate this film to a new level of absurdity. Village belles who look like runway models, tough looking cops, sobbing moms, chest thumping/heaving dads, all with zero acting skills walk in and out of the story. Also making a brief appearance in the film is the weirdest dialect in our desh.

God, if I die and come back as a person, let me born to a rich old filmi Thakur from Rajastan. Mournful Salman Khan, such a lucky one, is the apple of his parents (Thakur Rajat Saxena and Thakurain Nishigandha Wad) eyes. They dote on their son so, there is a spine chilling scene where The thakur gives his grown mournful son Salman a piggy back ride! Freud must be twisting in his grave trying to analyze that one! Plaintive Salman, when not frolicking about with his gorgeous girl friend Riya, suffers from visions of persecution, by huge dogs and huge men. He figures out, after killing a couple of thugs that he is adopted, suffers from temporary amnesia and a total lack of interest in the film.

The quest for knowledge of his past takes him to Bombay. Elegant, sophisticated Sushmita Sen, Anjan Srvatsav and Sadashiv Amripur are all folks from doleful Salman's mysterious past. There are some good Dishum Dishum scenes, blood and gore aplenty and finally predictable scenes of redemption. If this review has tweaked your intrigue, go watch the movie. If you don't really care, take my advice and give it a miss.

The only saving grace in this sorry mess is the technical excellence displayed in various breathtaking shots. Thomas Xavier´s camera work is amazing and Mahendra Verma's action sequences are commendable. Music by Sajid Wajid and Daboo Malik is run of the mill.

Overall, a dud!

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