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Ekal IndiArt 2021

Nikita Minocha

Ekal IndiArt 2021 

Connecting art ambassadors from all over the United States for the second year, Ekal IndiArt organized a series of online art workshops between August to November of 2021. The workshops covered a wide range of art forms, including calligraphy, Mandana, one-stroke painting, stippling, Madhubani, coffee painting, mandala, glass painting, mixed-media, and many more. For the first time, IndiArt presented sculpting and origami workshops as well! Participants of all ages, from young kids to adults, enjoyed these hands-on workshops and explored their creativity. IndiArt allows everyone to discover their inner artist, find peace and joy through art, and support a noble cause. IndiArt’s motto says it best: Create, Inspire, Empower.

In collaboration with Khula Aasmaan, a non-profit organization that promotes art, IndiArt 2021 also held an art competition for various age groups where participants could paint in any medium of their choice. Congratulations to all participants and winners of this competition!

Group: 5 to 15 years 

1st Place: Sahithi Indukuri, Collierville, TN

2nd Place: Reva Sankhla, Sharon, MA

3rd Place: Rhea Mhashilkar, Naperville, IL

Group: 16 to 30 years 

Hannah Anand Midha, Morrisville, NC

Group: 31 to 60 years

Jyothi Nagraj, Shrewsbury, MA

The campaign was lead by Ekal Volunteer, Parveen Minocha, and supported by teammates from New England, Meena Mehta, Manorama Choudhury, Niti Kapoor, Srilakshi Srinivasan, Manisha Jain, Shital Shah, and Nikita Minocha. Ekal Executive Director Ranjani Saigal provided valuable guidance throughout the process. The entire team is grateful to all the art ambassadors who took time out of their busy schedules to host the workshops and support Ekal Vidyalaya. Visit www.indi-art.org for more information on the ambassadors and their workshops. The team also thanks all the families who participated in the workshops and competition, making a difference in children’s lives and education. 

A glimpse of the 2021 journey can be found in this video:

Ekal IndiArt 2021 Journey 

IndiArt has been supporting the cause of non-profit organization, Ekal Vidyalaya. Ekal has been working tirelessly to bring basic education and holistic development to parts of rural India. For more information on Ekal, visit www.ekal.org

Stay tuned for Ekal IndiArt 2022! 

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