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Dhruba Sen For State Rep From Sixth Middlesex District

Press Release

Dhruba Sen For Sixth Middlesex

After the 2020 census and subsequent redistricting, Framingham has now a new “Majority Minority” House Legislative District - the 6th Middlesex. The idea being that this district has a significant number of voters from the minority community (POC) and that a member of this community has high likelihood of winning this legislative seat.  


Dhruba Sen is POC and has a record of fighting for the minority community for decades. He has been organizing racial and social justice rallies & standouts, holding Know Your Rights educational forums, testifying at the State House in support of legislation which helps the minority community and working with advocacy groups for the minority community.

Dhruba will also work towards more transparency in Government function - and expanding applicability of Public Records Law to the Legislature and the Executive, work on election reforms, Reform criminal justice system including No Knock Warrants, Protect the rights and interests of immigrants and the minority community in general. 

He recently organized the Jan 6th Vigil in Framingham against the Capitol Insurrection.

He has been a Dem activist for decades and was a Neighborhood Team Leader for the Obama 2008 and Obama 2012 campaigns. He had actively canvassed for Dem candidates in MA, OH and NH. He was an activist with They See Blue working for the Biden-Harris campaign. 


Dhruba Sen is an Information Technology Specialist and a Data Scientist. He has lived in Framingham for decades and was a Town Meeting Member - and was a member of Rules Committee, Ways & Means Committee, Education Committee and Community Services Committee. 




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