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Sonal Gupta's Goal Of Planting 240 Saplings

Press Release

Sonal Gupta is a student at AMSA Charter School and the organizer of a local tree planting initiative in partnership with the non-profit organization Tree-Plenish. Their goal is to create a greener, more sustainable community by replenishing the paper resources that her school uses in an academic year. They would really appreciate it if your organization could help them reach their incredibly important goal of planting 240 saplings.


They are selling Northern Red Oak, Paper Birch, and Sugar Maple, and each sapling is $5. The first 120 trees are absolutely free! Below is a flyer with more information. Trees are useful in adding aesthetic and monetary value to a property, in addition to providing cleaner air. By ordering saplings, you will help make our community a little more beautiful and a little more sustainable. 

To order, please visit: tpevents.org/school/1036.

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