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Maha Shivratri In Satsang Center

Press Release

Jai Shiv 🕉 - Kara, 🕉🕉 Jai Jai Shiv 🕉 Kara ......   
🕉 OM Namah Shiva OM ! 🕉.
Any Mantra begins with 🕉
       if we end with 🕉, more than doubles the Benefits !   
Bhajan program on Feb 26th @ 5 PM.  Please advise us, if you are coming to SATSANG Center, to help us prepare enough MahaPrasad.  You are welcome to join us. 
If you wish, you can Sponsor the Bhajan Program for $111/- .

Our phone numbers are in 2022 Calendar as well as on www.satsang Center.

There will a SPECIAL Bhajan - Kirtan Program on ZOOM on Feb 28th, Monday from 7 PM.
Zoom Link of www.satsangcenter.com 

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