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The Next Generation Speaks

Press Release

ISW-WEW invites you to 'The Next Generation Speaks' on Saturday March 5th.

Many of us may be immigrants brought up in our home country and some of us are brought up in this country. it is incomparable to what we as parents had access to as compared to the technology and availability of resources that our next generation has privilege to.

Not to mention the distractions that come along. 

How is the young generation managing their own expectations and their parental expectations especially considering the educational culture we come from. Nature vs nurture, what are the activities that they did or they were convinced by their parents to do have shaped their career.

How has community service and or volunteering impacted their interpersonal skills and personality development. What is it that brings joy on a daily basis besides work, any hobbies and or passion, or anything that relaxes and rejuvenates them. Please participate in this interactive event and learn from our next generation to help ourselves as well as our kids who will soon be out there making a world for themselves.

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