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Dialogue With Death: Understanding Death, Dying, Transmigration, Rebirth, And Life

Ritu Kapur

Dialogue with death

Understanding Death, Dying, Transmigration, Rebirth, and LIFE

A synthesis of wisdom from the Vedas and the Tantra

Presented by Swami Mahesh and SIYA International 

Death is, almost always, a painful experience. But is it the end of everything? Is it a new beginning? Does something survive the death of a person? 

Belief in rebirth has persisted in many civilizations. But it is in the ancient knowledge system of the Vedas that it received articulate expression in the Upanishads - the essence of the Vedas, the wisdom of the yogis and masters. The Upanishads give us a detailed description of the manner in which a man dies and is born again. Life, Death and Dying, Transmigration, Afterlife, Rebirth, Self, Prana, and other intriguing and sometimes difficult to understand aspects are beautifully discussed in the Upanishads.

Katha Upanishad is one of the most interesting yoga texts in the form of a dialogue between the young Nachiketa and Lord Yama, the God of Death. It brings out the secret behind the process of death and dying, afterlife and transmigration, a path of involution and evolution, ascent and descent in life, connection between the senses, mind, intellect, and Atma, and the way of experiencing the True Self. It is one of the foremost texts of spiritual knowledge and experiences and gives us the tool to connect with our inner wisdom and experience the True Self within us and overcome the fear and grief attached to death.

This 4-week talk with Swami Mahesh will be a synthesis of the Vedic wisdom and the tools from the science of Tantra. It will help us understand what really is the subtle body that transmigrates and how in the next birth, the evolution continues. We will also chant some prominent shlokas from the Kathopanishad. The discourse will be about 75 mins and the last 15 mins will be for Q and A. 

Dates: March 5, 12, 19, 26 from 8 -9:30am EST/ 6:30pm IST.  

Where: Online via Zoom

Guru Dakshina ~ suggested $51. If you are going through financial hardships, please reach out to one of the organizers.

For Guru Dakshina, visit:


Organized by: Brahmavaadini, a group created for women to learn the wisdom of Vedic scriptures and Vedic chanting. Please reach out to Ranjani Saigal at rsaigal1@gmail.com; Praveen Minocha at

 parveen.minocha@gmail.com, or Ritu Kapur at Ritu.Kapur@Sohum.org


Swami Mahesh is the first wandering yogi from India to conduct a yoga program on all seven continents. He has a degree in Engineering and a Master's in Yoga Philosophy and has over 30 years of experience teaching yoga. As an independent wandering yogi, he travels both nationally and internationally to conduct seminars, workshops and retreats on yoga in various educational, social, and corporate institutions, yoga studios, prisons, and many other facilities. He has conducted yoga workshops at many notable Universities around the world, including Harvard, Princeton, JFK, Minnesota, UT at Austin, Oregon, Chicago in USA, Cologne and Bremen University in Germany, Sofia, and New Bulgaria University in Bulgaria, and many more in Europe, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Ecuador, etc. He leads special yoga retreats in Tibet, Iceland, Peru, Antarctica, and throughout the world. His articulate and engaging teaching technique in an open, caring environment creates an effective learning of Yoga and spiritual life.


SIYA International is founded by Swami Mahesh. SIYA stands for Simple Integral Yoga Arts. Its motto is: Yoga is a science but to present it in a coherent and systematic way is an art. In the last two years, Swami Mahesh has been doing just that by teaching many enlightening courses on yoga, philosophy, Vedic scriptures, the wisdom of Bhagavad Gita, and an online Yoga teacher training course with an experienced international team of yoga teachers. You can connect with Swami Mahesh through his website, www.OMSIYA.com

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