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2022 Appeal For Satsang Center

Press Release

Respected Satsangi Families, Jai SiyaRam !  We Appeal for your continued generosity  .... 

Happy HOLY DAYS & Vikram Samvat New Year 2078 (Lunar) & 2022 (Solar).

We are happy to send you, 2022 SATSANG Calendar.  

We are pleased to announce that we have already reached our minimum target of $100,000 just to-day.  Hip Hip Hooray !!!!!!!!

In 2020, we raised $44,000 by the end of November. By the end of the year surpassed our goal of $107,000.  Every year for 20 years, you have contributed more than a $100,000 to support SATSANG. We were especially grateful for the over 100 families who contributed additionally upon receiving a COVID appeal letter and upon receiving the Calendar. 

This years generosity -

We sent 2021 Calendars to 1600 families, who have supported in the past.  We would like to appeal to all of you, who receive SATSANG’s Calendar to contribute something every year.  If everyone contributes minimum $100 every year, we can easily reach over $200,000.  To our knowledge, SATSANG is the only non - sectarian Sanatan Mandir in New England.   We are very proud of our Sanatan Dharma Heritage, where our Rishi Munies and Tapsvi Yogies have contributed – created the Traditions as to how to Live our LIFE Righteously, so that we can live in Harmony with Nature and continue our Upward Spiritual Journey. 

We also would like to appeal to you to join the group who contributes over $2000 every year.  In 2020, we had 12 Families and in 2021 we have 14 Families  - paid  / pledged.  We still have time till Dec 2021 !  More the Merrier !! Come forward!  You know, We are considered the Richest Ethnic Group in USA !

Our Assembly of Gods : Sri Ganesh And Sri Hanumanji are rakshaks – the Protectors, as we would notice in our Temples.  Then, Sri Ambe Mata, Umiyaji  and Sri Gayatri Maiya represents the Shakti – Energy:  This is our Shakti Kendra as per Yogic Chakral System.  Next level is Bhakti Kendra – represented by ShreeNathji, Sri Ram-Parivar and Radhe-Krishna!!  And then we reach the Gyaan Kendra – Yoga of Knowledge.  Satyam Shivam Sundaram !  Ishwer Satya Hai – God is truth, Satya Hi Shiv Hai, Shiv is Truth, Shiv Hi Sundar hai (Shiv is Beautiful …Satyam Shivam Sundaram…..So our Actions (Selfless) amalgamated with Devotions culminates into Explosion of Light - Knowledge – The Enlightenment – The Samadhi!  

For your Convenience, we have enclosed the Self Addressed Envelope. Pour in your Heart!  And mail them to us.    (This will come with your Calendar.  But since the 2022 Calendar MAY BE delayed, you can drop your Contribution in Bhet Peti or mail it.  Highly Appreciate your Generous Contribution.  OM Shanthi OM! )

SATSANG highly and deeply appreciates all the Contributors.  Thank You and May God continue to Bless us ALL - the SATSANG Families!  

Please note that All the Contributions to SATSANG is Tax –Deductible to the extent allowable by Law.  

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