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Diwali Lights At Tower Hill Botanical Gardens

Ranjani Saigal

The Tower Hill Botanic Garden in collaboration with the India Society of Worcester (ISW) organized the Diwali Lights celebration on Nov 20. The trees were bedecked with beautiful lights and a wonderful event that was entertaining and informative was presented at the theater. 

The illuminated gardens were a treat for the eyes.  “We are excited to partner with Tower Hill Botanic Garden to celebrate Diwali,” said Shiamin Melville, ISW coordinator for the event. “The lit-up gardens bring back memories of sparkling Diwali nights for many of us. We are glad to share this joyous occasion with the ISW and Greater Worcester community”

The welcome table featured information about India and Diwali. The event itself opened with a brief welcome followed by a presentation on Ayurveda by Dr. Pratibha Shah. She stressed the importance of a personalized approach of Ayurveda where the different body types are identified and solutions presented are made to suit the body type. She stressed the importance of wellness and prevention that is central to the Ayurveda methodology. 

A cultural program featuring dance, music and drama by performers of all ages kept the audience entertained. There was a large Dhol ensemble that played outside in the garden. A mini Bazaar, Rangoli and Henna was going on through the event. Guests could purchase food from Bawarchi Biryani. 
The event was very unique and we hope it will become an annual one. 

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