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SAPNE: Voice Of Migration

Bijoy Misra

Voice of Migration
SAPNE Meeting November 21

Every living being gets attached to the birth place – the locality, the environment, the scenery, the water and people get imprinted in the being.  In the vegetation and animal world, we call it habitat and it the human world we call is society. Trees, flowers and fruits get localized to particular areas and perish with dislocation.  Animals create seasonal homes in search of food and operate on local migration.  Human beings are most vulnerable and migrate for safety and security. Large scale migration for fear of life is a new world phenomenon. 

Total abandonment of the birth place and searching for a new habitation is an internal human story.  It is only felt, rarely said.  In certain parts of the world, it is a story of daily life.  In our Fall meeting coming Sunday, the South Asian Poets of New England plans to explore the internal voice of migration in an assembly called “Voice of Migration”.   It is a part of our normal Fall series “Voice of the People.”

Voice of migration is possibly a voice reflecting adventure, uncertainty, hope and spirituality.  There is pain, friendship, understanding and camaraderie. The renowned Spanish poet Sergio Inestrosa of Mexico will be our guest.  The participating poets are listed below:

Voice of the People

Voice of Migration November 21, 2021

Rahul Ray
Ambuja Salgaonkar
Maneesh Srivastava
Gouri Datta
Neena Wahi
Amit Khare
Chandu Shah
Geetha Patil
Vasant Machwe
Amandeep Singh
Bijoy Misra
Sajed Kamal
Jayant Dave
Amitav Ganguly
Preetpal Singh
Kanak Hota
Manorama Choudhury
Debilal Mishra
Prem Nagar
Sunanda Mishra-Panda
Swapna Ray
Medhavi Malviya

It will be a virtual meeting via Zoom at 10 AM, November 21.  You can receive the link by writing to idcinboston@gmail.com.  Information on SAPNE is at https://www.sapne.boston  SAPNE is a sister organization of India Discovery Center https://www.indiadiscoverycenter.org.

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