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7th Caleidoscope Indian Film Festival Of Boston

Chitro Neogy

New Kannada, Punjabi, Bengali and Malayalam flicks among theater screenings in 7th Caleidoscope Indian Film Festival of Boston
Fri, Oct 22 to Sun, Oct 24th, 2021
Cambridge | Littleton | Online on Festivee

The 7th edition of the festival which runs Oct 22-24, 2021 (and Oct 20-24 online) is bringing big screen films back to Apple Cinemas and Oneil theaters. Six multilingual, new films with distinctive style and genre will be shown.

The festival opening film Kalkokkho (The House of Time) is a chilling reminder of pandemic existential horror and premiered in Busan festival (BIFF ‘21) in early October. Kannada film Dollu (drum) celebrates its global premiere on Sat, capturing a tale of immense grit and courage of a man to sustain an age old cultural tradition in his village. For Satyajit Ray and Pather Panchali fans, there is cause for joy in the re-emergence of Apu 60 years later in Bengali film Avijatrik - The Wanderlust of Apu. For the first time, the festival will sport a heartwarming Punjabi film Chal Mera Putt 2 of immigrants struggling with permanent residency attempts in UK. Malayalam film A’HR, also of Busan reputation, is a tale of a woman hiker and her diverse experiences on a Himalayan trek with various travelers and their emotions. The film won the best disruptive director award in Melbourne recently. Finally Searching for Happiness is the story of a kid who follows a balloon labeled Happiness across the city and meets different people in their daily lives. The director of the film Suman Ghosh will attend the screening in person for a Q&A session.

Theater tickets are available from the cinemas with links at www.indianfilmfestivalboston.com. Another 25 more film including shorts, features and documentaries will be shown online virtually at indianfilmfestivalboston.festivee.com.

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